Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Yellowstone during Autumn

Autumn is such a blissful time of the year and this is especially true at Yellowstone.  When we look at the beauty of nature, we should always be reminded of the grandeur of God.  If we find such beauty in this life, how much more sublime must Paradise be?

Monday, September 24, 2018


In this day and age of social media, people, even those who claim to be religious, have felt the need to display the daily workings of their lives to others.  Hence, you will see people talk about nonsense on Facebook, Instagram, etc..

Why?  Should we not think of those countless men and women who lived their lives in obscurity?  They maintained constant communion with God, did their daily duties and loved their families.  Today, people rarely lift their hearts to God, look to inveigle in their daily duties and neglect their families.

Let us love obscurity.  Let us be forgotten by the world.  Let us be loyal to God and love our neighbor.  For what is true prayer but the constant remembrance of God?

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Piety of the Prince

"I have never in my life met a man like him for noble simplicity, and boundless truthfulness. I understood from the way he talked that anyone who chose could deceive him, and that he would forgive anyone afterwards who had deceived him, and that was why I grew to love him."

-Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot

Thursday, September 20, 2018


When a man learns that he has late stage cancer, it is a death sentence for him.  Why?  It means that the cancer has spread profusely and has gone past a point of no return.

Being born and raised here in the United States, I can say with great confidence that this place is sick from a cultural cancer that has infiltrated all facets of life.  Young men and women have no decency and will engage in many sexual encounters before they decide to marry.   Then, when marriage occurs, more than half end in failure because it is a basic fact that both parties are damaged from their premarital encounters.  Women dress in minimal clothing even when they are with their husbands!  I wish I was lying but I am not.  Men in both traditionally Islamic and Christian (Catholic and Orthodox) countries have always had a protective jealousy regarding our women.  We did not want other men to look on our women in a lustful manner!  What a disgusting thing it is to desire the focus of other men on the women of your family.  How pathetic the men in the diabolical west have become.

Added to this, we also have an increase in STDs, depression (and with it antidepressants), domestic violence, violence against children, drug problems with the youth, homosexuality and countless other ailments.  The Americans are blinded by their passions and this is leading them to the pit of everlasting despair.

The world was never perfect however I feel like things are accelerating to a nadir.  I have to remind myself on a daily basis that this world is a passing thing and that our true home is with God in Paradise.  This life is a test and we can only survive by ceaseless prayer and detachment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


“The soul that really loves God and Christ, though it may do ten thousand righteousnesses, esteems itself as having wrought nothing, by reason of its insatiable aspiration after God. Though it should exhaust the body with fastings, with watchings, its attitude towards the virtues is as if it had not yet even begun to labour for them.”

-St. Macarius the Great

Saturday, September 15, 2018


We spend our lives being jealous, lustful, gluttonous, greedy, prideful, hateful, envious, boastful and lazy.  Do we not remember that this flesh will enter the grave?  That it will rot under the natural laws of decomposition? 

Lord, forgive me, a wretched sinner.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Oasis Within

"Men seek retreats for themselves, houses in the country, sea-shores, and mountains; and thou too art wont to desire such things very much. But this is altogether a mark of the most common sort of men, for it is in thy power whenever thou shalt choose to retire into thyself. For nowhere either with more quiet or more freedom from trouble does a man retire than into his own soul, particularly when he has within him such thoughts that by looking into them he is immediately in perfect tranquility; and I affirm that tranquility is nothing else than the good ordering of the mind. Constantly then give to thyself this retreat, and renew thyself; and let thy principles be brief and fundamental, which, as soon as thou shalt recur to them, will be sufficient to cleanse the soul completely, and to send thee back free from all discontent with the things to which thou returnest. For with what art thou discontented? With the badness of men? Recall to thy mind this conclusion, that rational animals exist for one another, and that to endure is a part of justice, and that men do wrong involuntarily; and consider how many already, after mutual enmity, suspicion, hatred, and fighting, have been stretched dead, reduced to ashes; and be quiet at last.- But perhaps thou art dissatisfied with that which is assigned to thee out of the universe.- Recall to thy recollection this alternative; either there is providence or atoms, fortuitous concurrence of things; or remember the arguments by which it has been proved that the world is a kind of political community, and be quiet at last.- But perhaps corporeal things will still fasten upon thee.- Consider then further that the mind mingles not with the breath, whether moving gently or violently, when it has once drawn itself apart and discovered its own power, and think also of all that thou hast heard and assented to about pain and pleasure, and be quiet at last.- But perhaps the desire of the thing called fame will torment thee.- See how soon everything is forgotten, and look at the chaos of infinite time on each side of the present, and the emptiness of applause, and the changeableness and want of judgement in those who pretend to give praise, and the narrowness of the space within which it is circumscribed, and be quiet at last. For the whole earth is a point, and how small a nook in it is this thy dwelling, and how few are there in it, and what kind of people are they who will praise thee. 
This then remains: Remember to retire into this little territory of thy own, and above all do not distract or strain thyself, but be free, and look at things as a man, as a human being, as a citizen, as a mortal. But among the things readiest to thy hand to which thou shalt turn, let there be these, which are two. One is that things do not touch the soul, for they are external and remain immovable; but our perturbations come only from the opinion which is within. The other is that all these things, which thou seest, change immediately and will no longer be; and constantly bear in mind how many of these changes thou hast already witnessed. The universe is transformation: life is opinion."

-Marcus Aurelius, Book IV (The Meditations)