Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Lark Ascending

One of my favorite pieces. 

He rises and begins to round,
He drops the silver chain of sound,
Of many links without a break,
In chirrup, whistle, slur and shake.
For singing till his heaven fills,
‘Tis love of earth that he instils,
And ever winging up and up,
Our valley is his golden cup
And he the wine which overflows
to lift us with him as he goes.
Till lost on his aerial rings
In light, and then the fancy sings

30 May 2015
Ember Saturday 

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Veiling Issue

As a man, I find this whole veiling culture among traditonalists to be an interesting one.  As an Indian (Punjabi to be exact), I never really thought it would be such a controversial idea among many.  In my culture, women will wear the traditional Indian dress whenever they attend religious functions or when they go out to special events.

Even though sadly my beloved Punjab has been modernized over the last couple of years, a women covering her head outside or at a religious event is just the norm and not doing it would actually bring the ire of many people.  Plus, a beautiful woman looks even more beautiful when she is modestly dressed!

Nevertheless, as I have observed trends in the Catholic Church here in America, wearing a something simple as a veil can make many people unsettled.  Why is this?

The 1983 Code of Canon Law does not make this a requirement so a woman is free not to wear a head covering if she decides not to.  If she does not want to wear one then others should not judge her for it.  However, if you a woman who is debating whether to veil or not, I think (assuming it is for the right reasons) that one should try it out and see what it does for their spiritual life. 

Or better yet, go with traditional Indian dresses!

29 May 2015
Octave of Pentecost (Day VI)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

There has to be more to life...

As I go about my daily duties, I often overhear conversations of people who might be speaking a bit too loud.  Very often, I will hear males speaking about unchaste things regarding their girlfriends or the latest party that is going to happen at John Doe's house.  Sometimes you hear two women gossiping about someone's marriage and speculating about things they should not even be thinking about.  Very rarely do I ever hear something insightful.   It seems like modern man is concerned simply with sex, alcohol, parties, gossiping, and acting like beasts in every way.

A Catholic should not despise those who perpetuate this beastly image of life for he knows in his heart that without the grace of God, he would act like a beast as well.  You see, modern man, with the spirit of liberation has actually become incredibly ensnared.  Man thinks that without the Church he is free to engage in his selfish desires but these desires do not truly content him and henceforth he is left in a state of slavery.  Slavery to Satan and slavery to himself.

The most common form we see now is in the vice of pornography.  Pornography is a very dangerous vice for it is so addicting and exhilarating for the soul that is in bondage.  In his mind, pornography is an outlet to satisfy his sexual needs however after the few minutes of pleasure, he is left is a worse condition than he was in before.  In order to feed this appetite, he needs to view more impure videos and pictures until he no longer finds them desirable yet, for some reason, he is still compelled to view them.  It is strange really.  The man addicted to this vice knows in his heart that this is destroying him yet he continues to engage in his dark practice.  Free?  No.  He is enslaved.

This whole trap has been prevalent in the whole sexual arena.  Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I am so tentative about finding a holy Catholic wife for they are so hard to find!  Most couples have freely accepted contraception, abortion, sex before marriage and other sins just to feed their pursuit of pleasure.  Life is more than pleasure!  There is virtue and the pursuit of the Good is the greatest of races.  The world cannot give you the Peace of Christ and the peace of a good conscience.

Go to Confession.  Stay in the state of grace.  Be holy!

28 May 2015
Octave of Pentecost (Day V)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Oh, how appealing are you, O' World

The world can be so enticing.  Drugs, sex, pornography, rock and roll music, dubstep, contraception, human respect, sports events, oh how you can be so appealing.  Even those who reject you with a firm resolution can fall to you in a brief second.  Whether it is a song from their past that gets played at the barber shop or an empty house which seems to whisper to them to view pornography, you always try to break down the Christian soldier.

No, world, we cannot bow our knee to you.  Yes, you promise many appealing things but they are lies.  The Devil, who is your Father, is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.  Even if it seems like everyone around us has bought your lies, we will not follow suit.

Keep your drugs, sex, pornography, rock and roll music, dubstep, contraception, human respect and sports events.  We shall conquer you with the Grace of God with the Weapons of the Holy Mass, The Divine Office and the Holy Rosary.

Onward Christian soldier!  Remember your last end!

25 May 2015
Pentecost Monday (Second Day in the Octave of Pentecost) 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Veni Creator Spiritus

Happy Feast (and beginning of the Octave) of Pentecost!

There were so many beautiful chants at Today's High Mass but the Veni Creator Spiritus that was sung by the choir after the Offertory Chant really hit home for me.  With the Holy Ghost we can complete the most significant tasks no matter if are timid or afraid of the culture.  The timidity comes from us but the Holy Ghost can fill us and help us proclaim the Truth in a world that is increasingly coming under the guidance of Satan.

Come Holy Ghost, come, and fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

24 May 2015
The Feast of Pentecost

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


If you go up to a random person and tell him that one day his life is going to end and henceforth he is going to die, you might get a quizzical look.  Everyone knows that they will die but many in today's world do not understand the implications of this.  As Catholics, we know that after we die, Our Lord Jesus Christ will judge us and we either go straight to Heaven, enter Purgatory for a time, or.....go to Hell.  Heaven is talked about often by the secular world and by many Catholics.  The thought process for most is that if you are a "good" person you will end up there.  I have heard often times at the news of someone passing a commentary from someone close to deceased saying something like "Uncle Robert is now in Heaven smiling on us" or even the more daring "Uncle Robert is playing baseball in Heaven."  Such a view is truly foolish for it neglects the possibilities of Purgatory and Hell.  Now, we certainly hope that Uncle Robert is in Heaven but Holy Mother Church advises us to pray for his soul and for the soul of all who have left this Valley of Tears.

Now, when one speaks about Purgatory, we can get a better context of death.  Even though many Catholics fall into the Uncle Robert is in Heaven syndrome, there are still many Catholics that are aware of Purgatory and that souls are there.  How wonderful is it when the month of November comes and we start to hear sermons and devotions towards the Poor Souls.  Even though the Catholic identity has suffered over the past few decades, the fact that Catholics still pray for the dead shows our unity with our ancestors.

Hell, however, is an interesting topic.  Souls go here and will be here for all eternity.  Holy Mother Church teaches us that if a soul dies in mortal sin, they will go to Hell.  Our Lord shows mercy on all the members of the Church but mercy is always near justice.  People do not like to talk about Hell.  Many in the Church would rather focus on Heaven and a little bit on Purgatory but they will get angry if you talk about Hell.  Why is this?  Is it because they know about own sins that they enjoy committing and have convinced themselves that these are not grave sins?  I do not know what the reason is but we Catholics cannot be silent about this end.  Hell, my friends, is the most putrid and dreaded place to be in.  The most horrifying tortures here do not compare to the torments of the souls that fall in this dreaded place.  The really terrifying thing about Hell is that not only are the pains indescribable but that it lasts for eternity.  Billions of years will have passed by and hell has only started for the souls condemned there.

I know that thinking about hell (especially after we have fallen from the state of grace) is not a pleasurable experience.  There is an idea that trads take pleasure at souls falling into Hell which I find to be false however we need to remind ourselves and others around us about this real place that souls enter and stay for all time.  Our Lady at Fatima remarked to the children that many souls do enter hell because of sins on impurity.  What is causing you to fall?  Is it pornography, impure acts, gossip, alcoholism, going to parties, homosexual activities, pre-martial sex?  Whatever you struggle with, fight to the death and conquer that vice before you die.  If we want enter Heaven we have to fight for it if we lay down our arms we will conquered by Satan and will go to Hell.  As Our Lord says in St. Matthew's Gospel:

"The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away."

May Our Lady guide and protect us.

20 May 2015
Feast of St. Bernardino of Siena 

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Dark Skies

One does not need to follow all the news regarding Holy Mother Church to know that the Barque of St. Peter is facing dangerous times She continues towards Her earthly journey. Dogmas regarding marriage and other issues are now being questioned by many Catholics and it so it easy to be fearful of what is happening/going to happen in the Vatican.

Nevertheless, we cannot let this fear dominate our lives.  We cannot spend too much reading the blogs that cause us so much anxiety because at the end of the day, such practices keep us away from prayer and doing our daily duties.  This plays in the Devil's hands because he always wants us to be worried and to be in fear. Even though the skies may be dark, we always know what the Church teaches regarding marriage, sex, and all other dogmatic issues.  The Holy Ghost will not allow anyone to change these teachings because they cannot be changed!  

What really baffles me is to see Catholics talking about converting to Orthodoxy.  It is usually those with a traditional bend who are not only dismayed by the liturgical life of the Church but are now doubting Our Lord's claim in St. Matthew 16:18.  This is incredibly ridiculous.  The Orthodox have already compromised on divorces and allow married couples to utilize contraception.  They fail to contain the full Truth precisely because of their lack of union with St. Peter.  Henceforth, becoming Orthodox would make no sense and to leave the One True Faith is to risk losing your eternal soul.

So what shall we do?  Limit our time reading things regarding the Church especially if we are prone to anger for the angry man falls into many sins.  Pray for the Holy Father and the Bishops that they will make the right and prudent choices.  

We must work on sanctifying ourselves and we must begin this task everyday with new fervor.  Let us analyze ourselves and root out the sins that cause us so much misery.  If we die in mortal sin, we will have all eternity regretting all the time wasted and the sins committed.  Do not be afraid to be harsh on yourself for if you are reading this that means the Good Lord has given you time to work out your salvation.  We must be harsh and practice urgency but it must be a patient urgency for we are frail and weak beings. 

I leave you with a devotion that is very dear to me and that is the Holy Rosary.  We would be foolish not to pray for the Rosary especially since Our Lady has told us to pray it everyday.  As we pray the Rosary daily, we will note the consolation that it brings to us.  We will be like the man who is waiting for his beloved at the airport, who, when he sees her, jumps for joy and runs to her arms.  If we are faithful to the Rosary, we will finally see Our Lady after we have died and our joys will not be contained!  

In the words of St. Pius X, 
"Let the storm rage and the sky darken - not for that shall we be dismayed. If we trust as we should in Mary, we shall recognize in her, the Virgin Most Powerful "who with virginal foot did crush the head of the serpent.""
15 May 2015
Feast of St. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lux et Origo

A post by Zephyrinus reminded me of the glories of the sublime Lux et Origo setting.  Paschaltide is coming to a close soon and that means that this lovely setting will be going as well.  How sad but thanks to Youtube we can hear it as often as possible!




Agnus Dei

The Church gives us many beautiful settings for Chant but Lux et Origo is my favorite.  Just lovely!

14 May 2015
Feast of the Ascension (Double of the First Class)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Patrimony

As a Roman Catholic who loves the Traditional Mass, I find it stupid and annoying when some well meaning but ignorant lad suggests that the West should take Option A, B, or C from the East and incorporate it into the West.

These are some examples:

"Roman priests should be allowed to be married because that is what happens in the east and look it works out nicely there!"

"In the East, there is no Silent Canon and it is beautiful.  Henceforth there is no need of one in the Roman Rite."

"In the East, we utilize the vernacular so really there is nothing special about the Latin."

Honestly, please stop.  Look, I love the East and they form a very special part of the Church.  Nevertheless, I do not want our venerable Roman Rite to be influenced in that way.  The tradition of celibacy in the West is a very special one and if we are foolish enough to think that our Priests would be better if they were married, we are deceiving  ourselves.  I feel comforted to know that if I am dying, our beloved FSSP chaplain will be able to give me Last Rites instead of being busy with family matters.

Also, I love the Traditional Mass with all of my heart.  No, I do not want it to be in the vernacular nor do I want the Canon to be spoken aloud.  If you want any of those things, you will hear all of that and more while assisting at the Mass of Paul VI.

Enough of this madness.

13 May 2015
Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine

Beautiful article on Floyd Mayweather

As I continue to write my apologia on Floyd, I ran into a perfect article on a boxing website I go to frequently. 

Here is the article.

"It is not about who can beat Mayweather, but where he belongs amongst the greats. In my mind and belief, he is the best of them all. I know the arguments, they will say he never went to war, he never did this and that. He was afraid of this and that. Nonsense, the plain truth is why take punishment when you shouldn’t? Why get hit when they are unable to hit you? Why stand there with goons to exchange punches like possessed little brained animals when you can be smart? It’s an art, its either you brawl and hustle and get hurt or you are smart and intelligent and gifted and Floyd is the latter."
-Babatis Banda

Yes. Yes. Perfect.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silent appreciation

One of the most beautiful things about life is when someone can argue his case without any words.  For example, great boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson and Floyd Mayweather show their craft in the boxing ring and no words are needed to explain their greatness.  Another case is when someone does use words but is able to explain their perspective using a low and controlled tone.  I have noticed of late that many people like to start shouting or speaking louder when they are trying to prove a point.  They might be trying to intimidate the other by speaking this way. However, it is quite ridiculous if you think about it.  If one really stops and analyzes such a person, he will notice a person who does not have true mastery of self.  Henceforth, because of this lack of mastery, he feels the need to shout over the other instead of being gentle to prove his case.

The funny thing is that a person like St. Francis de Sales did/does more for the Faith than the charismatics that feel the need to bombard your ears with guitar music and overwhelm you with sappy sentimentalism, yuck.  Silence should always be preferable to noise however when we do have to talk, let it be reverent, controlled, and with a low tone.  

12 May 2015
Feast of SS Nereus, Achilleus and Pancras

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jesus and Mary

Often times, I can get stuck in many liturgical and cultural matters regarding Our Holy Faith that I forget the simplicity that Our Lords wants of me.  We are to be simple as doves yet wise as serpents yet I think that Our Lord emphasizes the simpleness more than being wise.  We must be wise, yes, but it was must be an effect rather than a cause of our simplicity.

On this matter of being simple, I was meditating on the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  We often use the Holy Names without much reverence and act as if They were like other names.  Generally, traditionally minded Catholics bow their heads (and take off their caps if they are men) when they hear or say the Holy Names.  I think this is a wonderful thing to do provided that it is not done to show off to others our own piety. When we think or say the Holy Names, our hearts should have an overwhelming joy.  Just saying the Holy Names should bring us the peace and consolation needed to get through the day and through our lives.

Do not the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary warm the heart?  If these Two Names bring so much dread to the demons, how much joy should They bring to us?  Let us resolve to treat the Holy Names with reverence, holy fear, and with love.

7 May 2015
Feast of St. Stanislai Episcopi et Martyris (Duplex)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fourth Sunday After Easter

I was planning on writing today a post about Floyd Mayweather's career and his fight last night but I think I will wait a couple of days before writing that.  Even when I do write it, we have to remember all 48 of his professional fights would provide a greater apologia than I can ever write, for my words cannot give justice to this wonderful man and boxer.

More importantly, in the Traditional Roman Rite, today is the Fourth Sunday After Easter.  The Liturgy during Easter Season is full of joy and hence the Church feeds us with joyful Introits and cheerful Paschal Alleluias!  What I want to narrow in on today is the Collect of the Mass:

"God, who makest the minds of the faithful to be of one will, grant to Thy people to love that which Thou commandest and desire that which Thou dost promise; that so, among the changing things of this world, our hearts may be set where true joys are to be found.  Through Our Lord..."
Collects are one of the many beautiful features of the Traditional Mass.  They include terse petitions to God which ask for graces necessary for our salvation.

Let us break down this Collect:

The first line tells us that this prayer is being addressed to God and that the particular acknowledgement that He makes is for the minds of the faithful to be of one will.  Without God, we could do nothing and so when Christians are united in doing virtue, we must always acknowledge this to be a work of God.  By ourselves we would be like sheep gone astray but He makes of one will.

The petition in this Collect is quite simple and that is to love what God commands us and to ardently desire those things that He promises us.  We have many commandments to follow but we should be doing this out of love and not out of fear.  Yes, we should have a holy fear of God but it should be rooted in love.  Even though the word "love" has been overused and misunderstood, it is still and always be the major virtue to acquire if we want to be saved.  When we love God, all of His commandments become lighter and easier to perform.  See, when a man loves his woman, he will do the most remarkable things to take care of her.  On some nights he will sacrifice sleep so that he will take care of the crying baby so that his beloved will have a chance to recharge.  If she is in the hospital, he will again sacrifice so much to be with her.  If a husband does this for a wife, than how much should we do for God?  We must love the Holy Trinity and do everything to please God.  Also, when we love, we will also desire all the promises that God has made.  Even in the midst of so much distress here on Earth, God promises a Crown for the man who endures temptation (St. James 1:12).

The next part is the aspiration which tells us the results of the petitions.  If we love God and desire His promises, then, our hearts will be set on the true joys even in the midst of all the changes of the world.  Let us face it, the world cannot satisfy our hearts.  We might be content every once in a while but that feeling goes away and a Cross enters our life.  The life of man here on Earth is nothing but misery and sin.  However, we plead to God that our hearts will be set on the joys that the Lord provides us.  God is always our consolation even while we are suffering.  Actually, the suffering in itself can lead to a good when it reminds us about how passing this world is.  If we did not suffer, we might live here very comfortably without any concern for Heavenly Goods.  It is when we suffer that we are reminded about how this place is wretched and that we should detach ourselves from worldly things/goods.  Of course, the collect ends with the standard "Per Dominum Nostrum..."

May Almighty God look favorably on us poor sinners as we aspire towards our Heavenly Reward.

3 May 2015
Fourth Sunday After Easter

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Best Ever.

Manny earned my respect tonight however Floyd is too good.  Another man tried to solve the Mayweather puzzle and they could not do it.  I hope all of my fellow boxing fans are happy tonight especially all Mayweather supporters!

We are witnessing one of the best ever, my friends.   Enjoy and soak it in.

I will post more tomorrow!  Got to enjoy this tonight! 

Warmer weather and immodesty

In Los Angeles, I must confess, one can say that we really do not have a "winter" season.  Yes, officially there is one but our winter's would make anyone who does not live here to chuckle.  A day in the high fifties/low sixties would be considered to be cold!  Now that we are in spring, the weather is even warmer.

However, what is not a chuckling matter is that even though many consider our weather to be a blessing, the warmer weather added to the general state of sin in this city adds together to create a hazardous situation.  So many women (and girls, unfortunately) feel to need to wear incredibly immodest clothing.  Not only is this detrimental for them but it also harmful for all the men who battling daily in the pursuit of Holy Purity.  How many souls will/have gone to hell because of this type of behavior? Do we not see that true beauty is seen the person who is modest and dresses modestly?

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo.  Amen.

2 May 2015
Feast of St. Athanasius