Monday, November 16, 2015

The Joy Having Little Lads

Fr. Blake in his post today said,
"Europe is dying because Europe is not having children."
Amen.  I don't know what all this business about is when people are getting married and yet are only willing to have no kids or one or two kids.  Now, each situation is different because some people want to have many kids yet because of some mystery they cannot.  I feel for those people.  However, for those who are Catholics yet are utilizing contraception.....Come On Man!  Of course having kids can be a Cross.  Imagine working all day and then coming home to get some sleep only to be awaken by the loud cries of two little lads!!  Oh the frustration must be real.  However, there is much joy in having a beautiful Cross like this.

I'm 24 and I hope that marriage is in God's plan for me.  Come on my fellow Catholics, let's make some babies!

Look at how much the Muslims are doing even though they are doing it in the name of a false religion.

16 November 2015
Feast of St. Gertrude

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