Monday, March 14, 2016

You can't make this stuff up

Early today, I went into a Novus Ordo parish around lunchtime just so that I could pay my debt to Our Lady by saying Her Rosary.  During my prayers, I overheard three old ladies conversing along the following lines,

Women 1: "There was a Priest who was giving a sermon to kids about hell?  Can you believe it?"
Women 2 and 3: "Oh no, what a shock." 
Women 1: "I know, can you really believe it?  I am thinking, these are little kids, why are you talking to them about that?  The proper approach is to teach them that God is a loving Father who will embrace them with a big hug at the time of their deaths."
Women 2: "You are right.  My mother had the same old fashioned view since that's how tough the Church was regarding these matters in the old days."
Women 1, 2, and 3: All shake their head as if lamenting that past generations had to suffer with priests who were not cowards.

I was so close to blurting out the truth regarding these matters but since they were old and I did not see that it was fit to destroy their preconceived motions in such a delicate environment.  I must also remember, it is the Year of Mercy, is it not?

How the hell could I ever forget?

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