Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rest in Peace, King Kigeli V of Rwanda

Long Live the Church.  Long Live the King.


  1. I hoping and praying that he is able to have the Traditional Catholic Requiem Mass for his funeral...

    I think it is what he would want...

    May he rest in peace!

    1. Yes, I hope so as well! According to Rorate, he was regular at the Traditional Latin Mass so we can hope!

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  3. Yes, he was a Traditional Catholic. He went for 20 years or more to the chapel which I now attend for Mass. We all mourn his lost most deeply...

    He was such a humble and kind soul! Many called him "The Gentle Giant". He loved children and was always courteous to everyone.

    He was the sort of person who, even though he had been royalty, you remembered him more for his virtuous manners...

    Requiescat in pace!