Thursday, February 2, 2017


There are several beautiful things in our Catholic Faith.  The Liturgy, the Mysteries (Sacraments), the Saints, devotions, etc..

What I find to be especially moving is a Priest sitting in a Confessional listening to the confessions of sinners.  The sinner, recognizing his own dirtiness, recognizing that he is the chief of sinners, comes humbly to the Priest because he is the only one can absolve sins.  

Pray for our Priests.  Pray for the Catholic faithful.  Pray for those who go to Confession regularly.  Pray for those who have not gone for some while but are currently battling the devil who is trying to keep them away from the Sacrament.

Happy Candlemas.

A note on Candlemas.  I had the special grace to assist at the Mass which was celebrated in the traditional Norbertine Rite.  I was able to see a procession where the Sacred Ministers wore violet and the Deacon and the Subdeacon wore folded chasubles!  I never thought I would enter a Church and see folded chasubles but there they were!  May God be praised in our quest to restore Tradition! 

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