Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy Feast of St. Joseph!

This Lent, I have been oscillating between praying the Roman Office according to the 1568 (Trent) and the Divino Afflatu (St. Pius X office) rubrics.  Even though the DA office is much better than 1955 and 1960, it is still feel incomplete compared to the Tridentine Office.  I will try to make to post on the Office during Lent in a few days.

In the DA office, tomorrow is the Third Sunday of Lent with the St. Joseph's day being transferred to Monday.  The reason being is that his feast is a Double of the First Class and this does not take precedence over a Sunday in Lent.  However, in the 1568 rubrics, the feast is just a Double so St. Joseph is actually commemorated tomorrow at the Mass and Office.

So, I suppose the point is, whether you'll be celebrating St. Joseph on Sunday or Monday, let us remember the greatness of this man who was called to be the Foster Father of Our Lord.

From Mattins, Second Nocturn, DA Office, Feast of St. Joseph (March 20th, 2017)

"What and what manner of man the blessed Joseph was, we may gather from that title wherewith, albeit only as a deputy, God deemed him fit to be honoured he was both called, and supposed to be the Father of God. We may gather it from his very name, which, being interpreted, signifieth Increase. Remember likewise that great Patriarch who was sold into Egypt, and know that the Husband of Mary not only received his name, but inherited his purity, and was likened to him in innocence and in grace.
If then, that Joseph that was sold by his brethren through envy, and was brought down to Egypt, was a type of Christ sold by a disciple, and handed over to the Gentiles, the other Joseph flying from the envy of Herod carried Christ into Egypt. That first Joseph kept loyal to his master, and would not carnally know his master's wife; that second Joseph knew that the Lady, the Mother of his Lord, was a virgin, and he himself remained faithfully virgin toward her. To that first Joseph it was given to know dark things in interpreting of dreams; to the second Joseph it was given in sleep to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.
The first Joseph laid by bread, not for himself, but for all people; the second Joseph received into his keeping that Living Bread Which came down from heaven, not for him only, but for the whole world. We cannot doubt but that that Joseph was good and faithful to whom was espoused the Mother of the Saviour. Yea, I say, he was a faithful and wise servant, whom the Lord appointed to be the comfort of His own Mother, the keeper of His own Body, and the only and trusty helper in the Eternal Counsels."


  1. Happy Feast, indeed, to you.

    We all look forward to your Post on The Divine Office.

  2. Likewise! I hope you are having a fruitful Lent, my friend.

    Oremus pro invicem.