Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pakistan Zindabad!

Pakistan, who were heavy underdogs coming into the competition, have performed the impossible by defeating South Africa, Sri Lanka, an undefeated England in the semis and finally demolished India in the final of the Champions Trophy.  The boys have a lot to be proud of and it shows you that in cricket, anything can happen.

Mohammad Amir's two huge wickets that set the tone early in India's innings.

"You had to be there. Thousands upon thousands of cricket fans streaming down the Harleyford Road and in through the gates named after two of Surrey's most favourite sons: one, Jack Hobbs, the Master, from an age few of those chanting their affections could even begin to understand; the other, Alec Stewart, whose association with the ground began with watching his father and continues to this day, as the lads under his wing press for honours and caps exactly as he once did.
"The Oval, the place of Hobbs, yes, and of Andy Sandham; of the Bedser twins, May and Barrington; of Laker and Lock, Edrich, Arnold and Jackman; of the Stewarts, the Butchers, the Bicknells, the Hollioakes, and now the Currans, about to make their mark. But none of these fine men were a whisper on the day of the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy, the day that this little corner of South London became Asian and the vibrant colours of India and Pakistan provided the backdrop to a monumental achievement...."
-Ringside at the miracle of Pakistan by Mark Nicholas 

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