Monday, September 11, 2017

Do Good While You Have Time

Brothers and sisters, do good while you have time!  Engage in prayer, perform your duties in your state of life with due diligence for who knows when you will have to make account in front of God.

Brothers, purify your hearts and if you are married, please ask God for the blessings needed to take care to take care of your wives and children.

Sisters, please, please, please, cover yourselves with a true sense of modesty.  I see so many sisters who dress immodestly even in the houses of worship!  This is very offensive to God!  By dressing immodestly, you will only receive the condemnation of God and the disrespect of man.

We have time to change.  We have time to purify ourselves.  Let us take care of our obligations to God and man in the time we have left.

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