Friday, January 26, 2018

Notes to Self

Keep Death Before Your Eyes

Look at the people around you.   Look in the last year how many of them had untimely ends.  Did he know that he was going to suddenly fall ill and die?  How about that woman you thought was going to live for many more years but has now left this world?  You have been given twenty-six years so far and yet you have treated them with the attitude of lukewarmness.  You will die too at a time that gives pleasure to your Lord.  Yet you have not achieved perfection...

Why Are Your Prideful?

If you examine your heart, you will only find pride.  Pride in your achievements.  Pride in the knowledge you have acquired in life.  Why are you so prideful?   Your heart is filled with diseases.  Purify your heart before you make your return to your Master.

Lower Your Gaze

You still have not mastered the virtue of purity.  Whenever a beautiful woman comes to your attention, you do not lower your gaze.  Instead, you find yourself sneaking a glance at her.  Do you not know that this will lead to impure thoughts which will lead to other acts against the decrees of your Lord?  He has given you eyes for your sanctification and yet you abuse the gifts of your Lord.

You Alone Will Face God On The Day of Judgment

Why do you spend so much of your time trying to please the creation instead of the Creator? Will the creation be with you on the terrifying day when you will answer to the Lord for your life?  You should give your love to your family members however you should not follow them if they ask you to do things that offend your Master.  Think oh slave, of the meeting, the encounter that you will have with Him on the Day.


We have been told countless times of the fire that awaits those who spend their lives in disobedience.  Those who made fun of the believers and spent their limited time engaging in vice.  You as well fit in the category of those who live in the swamp of sin.  Instead of making proper repentance, you have made a mansion in the swamp and you have also desired the darkness of the cave.  Why do you do so?  Your time is limited and surely you will be punished in the fire if you do not change.  Hurry!  Hasten!


Since, at the moment, the Lord has not taken your life from you, make proper usage of your remaining time.  Pray, give ongoing charity, engage in brutal warfare against yourself.  Attain victory.  Fight.  If not now, when?

For surely I shall meet Him soon.

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