Wednesday, March 14, 2018


"Suffering is the most daring apostle of all time. It silently preaches Christ, for wherever the word of the Gospel does not enter, there is the cry of suffering. Wherever the apostolic voice is not heard, the groan of suffering is heard. Wherever a priest cannot enter, there is sorrow, and whatever a priest cannot do, suffering does.

He who was a stranger to the Church before this now asks about it. He who laughed at a priest now humbles himself and looks for him. He who had no time to pray now calls upon God day and night. He who did not open the door to Christ now opens it to the poor. He who did not hear the church bells now, chased by the sorrows of life permitted for him by God in moderation, now always hurries to church, opens its door, and crosses its threshold with wholehearted faith…

How great the benefit of suffering is in Christianity! Moreover, suffering is often sent to a man as an atoning penance for his sins. He who does not turn to repentance through suffering, abiding in happiness and satisfaction, can never be saved."

-Sermon for Third Sunday of the Great Lent

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