Thursday, September 20, 2018


When a man learns that he has late stage cancer, it is a death sentence for him.  Why?  It means that the cancer has spread profusely and has gone past a point of no return.

Being born and raised here in the United States, I can say with great confidence that this place is sick from a cultural cancer that has infiltrated all facets of life.  Young men and women have no decency and will engage in many sexual encounters before they decide to marry.   Then, when marriage occurs, more than half end in failure because it is a basic fact that both parties are damaged from their premarital encounters.  Women dress in minimal clothing even when they are with their husbands!  I wish I was lying but I am not.  Men in both traditionally Islamic and Christian (Catholic and Orthodox) countries have always had a protective jealousy regarding our women.  We did not want other men to look on our women in a lustful manner!  What a disgusting thing it is to desire the focus of other men on the women of your family.  How pathetic the men in the diabolical west have become.

Added to this, we also have an increase in STDs, depression (and with it antidepressants), domestic violence, violence against children, drug problems with the youth, homosexuality and countless other ailments.  The Americans are blinded by their passions and this is leading them to the pit of everlasting despair.

The world was never perfect however I feel like things are accelerating to a nadir.  I have to remind myself on a daily basis that this world is a passing thing and that our true home is with God in Paradise.  This life is a test and we can only survive by ceaseless prayer and detachment.

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