Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Happy Life

I think one of the most nefarious lies you are taught growing up in the West is that eventually, through all the darkness of your life, things will improve and you will have the "American Dream."  A pious wife, loyal and docile children, a nice house, etc..  The reality is that this is not the understanding of life from the standpoint of a Catholic or Orthodox Christian.  We understand that happiness is not a guarantee given to us in this life.  This life is full of profound suffering and our salvation lies in carrying our burdens with Christ on our crucifixion.

If we carry out these duties in this life, than Christ Our Savior, will provide us the greatest of happiness in the Hereafter.  I even hesitate to call it "happiness" because that is a human concept.  What a saint experiences in Heaven goes far beyond what we can describe utilizing earthly terms.

So let us not resist the Crosses that Christ gives us for they are the means in which we make progress in our process of Theosis.  In the midst of the darkness of your sufferings, remember the Light.  The Light of Christ that flickers in this earthly abyss.

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