Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lord Have Mercy

A couple of days ago, I was driving and was listening to ABC Grandstand Radio which was playing the Australia v. India test match.  In the middle of a drinks break, the news was playing and told the listener about the deaths that occurred during the week.   Apparently a couple of young people died in a drug overdose and many more died in a dance party of some sorts.

Please keep these people in your prayers.  Let us keep in mind these folks who have died.  We too will have our expiration date one day.  Do we want to die in a dance party?  This life is a test and we have to be loyal to Christ and His Church.  Let us die in a proper state.

Please always keep in your prayers those who died in unfortunate situations.  Our Savior Christ died for all.  Those who died in such states are still better than me.  I am the worst of sinners.  Have mercy on me, O' Christ!

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