Monday, July 27, 2015

Mother of God

So many have hatred in their hearts for Christ.  This is really tragic to see.  Instead of loving their Divine Master, they have turned towards the gaudy meretricious lies of The Deceiver.  However, what is just as diabolic is when one comes in contact with those have a strong hatred for the Mother of God.  How can this be possible?  Does not meditating on Our Lady melt the heart from its attachment to sins and lead us to life as it is supposed to be lived?  How can one be neutral or even hate Mary, Most Pure?   When the Protestants started their evil revolt, how could they deface the statues of the Woman who gave birth to Christ?  The Woman who is our refuge in times of trouble?   The Woman who strikes fear into Satan?

Hail, Our Life, Our Sweetness, and our Hope!

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