Thursday, July 2, 2015


My best friend and I had a wonderful night last night talking about interesting topics while going to the greatest restaurant in the world, In-N-Out, and then invading the Barnes and Noble to see what their Christian section had in store.  Nevertheless, as we conversed from issues ranging from failing seminaries to Laudato Si, one issue came to be the most fascinating of the night.  We talked about our parenting philosophies and put them into several intriguing hypothetical situations!

We are both unmarried 23 year olds so our ideas were not based on sort of experience but it was quite enlightening because it made me reflect on the failure of many parents in today's society.  We often hear people, who consider themselves to be Catholic, put out arguments promoting contraception and the like because apparently they do not have money for the extra "expenses."

Honestly, I see this argument as complete hogwash.  I think almost all families can have more children if they STOPPED WORSHIPING THE FALSE GODS OF PLEASURE AND ENJOYMENT.   They say that they cannot have kids but at the same time they want their Maui trip ever summer.  They want to go to fifteen baseball games a year or they just have to have the newest car.  The truth of the matter, these Catholics have no spiritual and material discipline and they see children as a "burden".

Even though I am far from perfect, I have created certain resolutions that I intend to follow when/if I get married.

  • One vocation in my life and this will be the honeymoon.  Then it's time to get to work, honey!
  • No new cars.  If a SUV is to be purchased, then it must be used.
  • Limit going to restaurants.  I have not created a specific guideline for this but this is key in saving money.
  • Going to the Movies?  No. 
  • Cable TV?  No.
These only a few but I am still crafting my parental ethos.  It will require discipline but I do not want to be a fruitless fig tree at the time of my Judgment!  I have committed enough sins in my life and I do not want to add more to the list.  

Pray for me, a sinner.

2 July 2015
Feast of the Visitation

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