Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Good Thing

So unless you are a Ultramontane or a liberal "Catholic" (who are not Catholics of course), it should be obvious to you that something is quite rotten in our beloved Church.  St. Pius X's condemnation of Modernism in the early part of the twentith century showed us that there were roaches in the very heart of the Church, that is to say in the priesthood and amongst the bishops.  They laid hidden until the creation of the Second Vatican Council where they were finally let out and spread their venom all across the Church.  Now, in this time, I am realizing that it might be a good thing to have the enemy so out in the clear.  It is good for us to know which bishops are enemies of the Church because now they feel confident that they can make their stances in the public. 

Even though I am distressed by this dirty business, let us remember that Our Lord will finish the human drama in the way He seems fit.  We might have to suffer under unholy priests, bishops, and popes but we know what the Church teaches and they cannot change these teachings no matter how hard they try.

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