Saturday, October 10, 2015


I try not to watch too much TV however whenever baseball season is on, I tend to watch it a little more than the rest of the year.  One thing I am noticing is the complete lack of modesty and respect for the human body coming out of the screen.  Even commercials that should be innocuous, are now filled with a great number of sinful images.  What the heck is going on with our society?  Why can't companies produce commercials that promote their product using clean avenues?  Why are companies that produce sinful products allowed to publish this garbage for all to see?

Everyone can be corrupted by this but how about the small lads all around the country?  Those who have not build a discipline regarding custody of the eyes?  Oh dear.  It is becoming more clear to me now.  What Our Lady said at Fatima makes total sense.  Many people will go to hell because of sins against purity.  How our current times prove that.

Lord, please spare me, a sinner!

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