Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blind Man

"We will now resume our considerations upon the Liturgy of Quinquagesima Sunday. The passage of the Gospel selected by the Church, is that wherein our Saviour foretells to his Apostles the Sufferings he was to undergo in Jerusalem. This solemn announcement prepares us for Passiontide. We ought to receive it with feeling and grateful hearts, and make it an additional motive for imitating the devoted Abraham, and giving our whole selves to our God. The ancient Liturgists tell us, that the blind man of Jericho, (spoken of, in this same Gospel,) is a figure of those poor sinners, who, during these days, are blind to their Christian character, and rush into excesses, which even Paganism would have coveted. The blind man recovered his sight, because he was aware of his wretched state, and desired to be cured and to see. The Church wishes us to have a like desire, and she promises us that it shall be granted."

-Dom Prosper Gueranger, Liturgical Year


  1. An excellent and most pertinent Post. Thank You.

    Any person who reads, and quotes, Abbot Guéranger, is well worth reading.

    As Fr Z says in his latest Post. Lent is nearly upon us.


  2. Thank you for your kind comment, my friend.

    Who knows how many Lents we will have left in our life? Let us take advantage of this one so that we might reverse our wrongs and be pleasing in the Sight of God.