Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lent and Monasticism

Seeing that it is 20:25 here in Los Angeles, I can finally feel the winds of Lent sweeping over my soul.  In a little over three hours, the Lenten season will begin in the West with Ash Wednesday.  I am excited for this Season because I have been slipping into worldly allures for the last few weeks and I need to bring the sails of my soul back into the narrow path leading to Christ.

This Lent, I will be posting materials relevant to one of my passions, which is Monasticism.  When I first entered the Faith, one of the things that brought me in was the ascetic life.  So, this Lent, I will try to make my blog a center for all of us who love Monasticism!  

Let our houses become the deserts of Egypt.  Let our rooms become our solitary chambers where our souls are lifted to Christ in the midst of silence.  

From the Paradise of the Desert Fathers,

"Abba Joseph asked Abba Nisteros, "What should I do about my tongue, for I cannot control it?"  The old man said to him, "When you speak, do you find peace?" He replied, "No." The old man said to him, "If you do not find peace, why do you speak? Be silent, and when a conversation takes place, prefer to listen rather to talk."

"A brother asked Abba Poemen, "How should I behave in my cell in the place where I am living?" He replied, "Behave as if you were a stranger, and wherever you are, do not expect your words to have an influence and you will be at peace."

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