Thursday, July 21, 2016

Small Drop

Our lives are but a small drop in the larger ocean.  Because of the result of original sin, we can often believe that we are really great and should be significant in the world.

We are servants of God and we must let ourselves be utilized by God in the way that He wants to.  If he wants to break your heart, accept the suffering with resignation.  If he gives you joy, accept it with a calm disposition.  Do not try to engage in a struggle with God for you will only cause your heart much agony and distress.

Let us hope in the Mother of God for she will lead us away from the snares of the world and will be our great advocate in the quest for Paradise.

Let us suffer, let us suffer for Paradise.

"According to thy mercy, pour out upon me, who am miserable, at least one small drop of grace to make me understand and be converted, that I might make at least some small effort to correct myself. For if thy grace does not illumine my soul, I will not be able to see the carelessness and negligence that the passions have produced in me through my apathy and recklessness."

-St. Ephrem the Syrian

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