Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Advent is my favorite liturgical season of the year for many reasons.  One major reason is that it balances the themes of penance and joy.  The season is penitential because we are waiting for Our Lord and without His Birth, we are living in the darkness of sin.  However it is joyful because we know He is coming and He will be coming soon!

As I drive around and notice all the Christmas lights and decorations around town, my heart warms to know how many people love Our Lord and celebrate His Birthday.  Even if many of those who are celebrating are doing it for "secular" reasons, their hearts are wired to Christ and they are doing all of it for Him, even if they do not know it.

I spent my first twenty-one years in darkness.  I celebrated Christmas for all the wrong reasons however Christ showered His Mercy on me and brought me into the Church in 2013.   As I begin this Advent, the thoughts of "why me" have come into my mind.  Why did the Lord pull me off the hellward ship that I was going on?  I am a horrible sinner who does not deserve to be in the comfort of the Church.

Oh Lord, please continue to guide me into the only place I really want to be, Paradise.

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