Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Mystery of the Heavens

When I was a young boy, I would have the inclination to always go out for a walk after dinner to calm my mind and simply to enjoy the outdoors.  One of my favorite things to do was get to a location not covered by any sort of obstructions, stop, look up, and wonder at the sky.  It was because of this that I have always been interested in the sciences.  Stars, the planets, black holes and other amazing astronomical entities always made me feel small in the grander scheme of things.  Humbling.

However, what I was really interested to know the most was what was beyond something beyond the stars.  The Heavens.  What were the Heavens?  How did one get there?  How....

Let us wonder.  Let us look at the night sky and be humbled as we realize our littleness in the vast landscape of the universe.  Let us be overwhelmed at the thought that even though we might seem insignificant, our Lord Jesus Christ came down from the Heavens to save us and we can receive Him in Holy Communion.

"Man seeks joy and happiness in heaven. He seeks what is eternal far from everyone and everything. He seeks to find joy in God. God is a mystery. He is silence. He is infinite. He is everything. Everyone possesses this inclination of the soul for heaven. All people seek something heavenly. All beings turn towards Him, albeit unconsciously. Turn your mind towards Him continually. Learn to love prayer, familiar converse with the Lord. What counts above all is love, passionate love for the Lord, for Christ the Bridegroom. Become worthy of Christ’s love. In order not to live in darkness, turn on the switch of prayer so that divine light may flood your soul. Christ will appear in the depths of your being. There, in the deepest and most inward part, is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is within you [Luke 17:21].'"

-St. Porphyrios 

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