Friday, August 10, 2018

The Mystery of Iniquity

More savage violence in the war in Yemen.  The United States backed Saudi Coalition dropped a bomb on a school bus.  29 children perished in the attack.  These cowards have no fear or shame.  Oh Trump and Bin Salman, fear God.  Fear the Day of Judgment.

Also, another Israeli airstrike in my beloved Palestine led to the death of a pregnant woman and her child.  Oh blessed Theotokos, please intercede for them and for all innocent mothers and children who die at the hands of diabolical forces.

There is just so much senseless violence in this world. So much death. So much suffering.

My heart feels a deep pain everyday when I read what goes on in my land.  I am taking an indefinite leave of absence from my blog in order to retreat from the online world so I can engage in prayer and penance.  Please pray for me, the chief of sinners.

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