Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Ne fueris hypocrita in conspectu hominum, et non scandalizeris in labiis tuis."

Now that our dinner is completed at this pricey restaurant, we decide to spend the late hours of the night walking around the mall.  The meal was quite sumptuous and dining with such a sublime company, I must confess that I felt like a Shah of some sort.  As we start our stroll, I notice a homeless man laying just outside of Target and I could easily make out his heavy laughing and crying.  I thought in my heart,

"What a delusional man.  He must be a sinner.  This is what happens when you live a slothful life."
Reality: The 52 year man has been homeless for over a year.  He had spent twenty years with the US Army and had everything that he could ever want.  A nice car, a nice house, a beautiful wife, I mean everything.  However, two years ago, he started suffering from a severe case of PTSD.  As a result of this, his wife found him unbearable and kicked him out of his house.  His children are ashamed of him and were glad when he was gone.  The oscillation you see in his mood is a result of his mental health issues.  The man has not committed a mortal sin in years.

I check my watch and it reads 10:48 PM.  My friend points to a woman who is wearing immodest clothing and whispers a cruel statement in my ear.  I agree with him.  I think within my heart: what a sinner.  Look at how she dresses.  Thank you Lord for not making me like her.

Reality: The poor 25 year woman has never really got a fair shot at life.  She was born in a fatherless home and her mother introduced her to sexual immorality at a young age.  At first, she was in love with the culture but for the last year or so she has been wanting to get out.  Wanting to get out of all of it.  She hates the sins she has committed and yet is afraid of coming back to God for forgiveness.  She knows that only Christ can help her but she is fearful of what others might think if she even enters five miles in proximity of a Church.  So, she cries within her heart, "Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner."

My friend and I walk back to our cars seeing that all the stores are closing and that it is getting late anyways.  We say our final prayer together and then we leave.  As I sit in my car, I count all of my virtues and smile to the Lord as I imagine my heavenly reward.

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