Monday, April 10, 2017

RIP, Richie

Today marks the two year anniversary of Richie Benaud's death.  For cricket fans, his voice was a deep consolation providing us hours on hours of cricket coverage.  The video below is of his last few minutes on the air.

May God grant him eternal rest.

"Time to say good bye.  Add to that, thank you for having me.  It's been absolutely marvelous for forty-two years.  I've loved every moment of it and it's been a privilege to go into everyone's living room throughout that time.  What's even better, it's been a great deal of fun....but not so for the batsman.  McGrath has picked him up, late in the day, he's got a beauty to Kevin Pietersen."

Fitting how his last call was the fall of a wicket which interrupted his farewell speech.  It was never about him, it was always about the action on the pitch.

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