Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Season of Kohli

"The series against Australia was partly notable for his lack of runs, but he was still in everything.

"Leaving straight balls in Pune, charging over to Steven Smith to point out his DRS "brain fade" in Bengaluru, the press conference afterwards where he almost said a word, the tumble and injury in Ranchi, the mock of the Australians mocking his shoulder injury. The camera was on him when he clapped, ran drinks, or just about anytime anything ever happened in any match he played in, and then, the last press conference where he suggested with as much heat as his eyes could muster that this series had ended his friendships with the Australian players.

"This was the most remarkable season of Test cricket, and we might never see anything like it again. But, mostly, it was Kohli's season. India won four series and 10 Tests, Kohli won everything. Kohli was the batsman even when he wasn't. Kohli was the captain, even when he wasn't. Kohli was always the story."

-The Season of Kohli, and all his men by Jarrod Kimber 

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