Sunday, January 6, 2019

Message to Myself

Look at man around you.  What is he?  He is flesh composed of blood, bones, organs.  So, knowing this, why do you get angry, or lust after, or get envious towards humans?  Know this, you will be judged one day for what you did in this life.

Look at the three friends of yours who died in 2018.  Did they know that they would be taken so soon?  Then why aren't you urgent regarding your dire situation?  Correct yourself while there is still light.

Hate no one.  Lust after no one.  Guard your privates.  Visit the graves often to remind yourself that all things in this life are transitory.  Stay calm always.  Do all things patiently and calmly while keeping in mind that God is your audience.  Be modest and humble.  Be gentle towards others yet strict towards yourself.

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