Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Path of Salvation

One of the things I like about religions like Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Islam are that they see salvation with full understanding of the frailty of men.  Of course we should all try to, at this moment, refrain from the sins that burden and destroy us.  However, human nature is complex.  What I like about the Faith is that it teaches that the thief who is in amidst his crime, the broken prostitute who is awaiting a customer, the murderer who is planning his heinous crime or a sexually deviant man who has completely become animalistic can all be saved.  Even in the midst of their libertine lifestyle, the seeds of salvation are being planted.

This is a great mystery of the religion.  Let us see ourselves as the worst of sinners and have a complete and pure prayer towards all in the world, especially those who need it the most so they may repent and live.

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