Monday, April 20, 2015

" et audacter introivit ad Pilatum, et petiit corpus Jesu..."

I know that we are in Eastertide but my heart is never really far away from Lent/Passiontide for I find that part of the year to be most consoling. 

The video below shows one of my favorite hidden gems about the Old Rite.  It shows Fr. Finigan singing the Gospel of the Mass after the Passion was recited in this elegiac tone.  Our FSSP priest also utilized this tone to sing the burial of Christ on Good Friday.

20 April 2015


  1. A wonderful Post. Thank you.

    Delighted to say that Fr Finigan did me the honour of wearing my Purple Vestments for this Divine Mass.

    1. Great vestments! May Priests like Fr. Finigan be protected by Our Lady during these turbulent times.