Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What life is all about

The great Abbe Quoex once said about the Mass of St. Pius V,

"In contact with the Mass of Saint Pius V -- in which we also contemplate the purest masterpiece of Western Civilization, hierarchical as well as sacral -- our souls lift up and our hearts expand, while our minds taste the most authentic Eucharistic doctrine. This is why we wish to understand and love, at all times more, the Traditional Mass, our treasure, and we will not cease to defend and advance it. "

The words "purest masterpiece of Western Civilization" ring in my ears and in my heart and remind me about what life is all about.  Life is not about collecting a number of material goods or winning the hearts of women for that is all vanity.  Life is about adoring and worshiping the Holy Trinity.  Nothing else matters.  If we have not done everything the Lord has wanted us to do in our lives, we must not despair but start all our endeavors with the intention of doing all that we do in our lives to please the Holy Trinity. 

How should we worship God?  There are many ways however Holy Mother Church recommends participation in the Liturgy over anything else.  Since the Liturgy is the public prayer of the Church, it reigns supreme over devotional prayers.  Within the liturgical sphere, the two large towers of sanctity are the Holy Mass and the Divine Office.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest of all prayers and is the most august prayer of the Church.

Henceforth, as we learn about the beauties of the Mass, how can we not learn to appreciate the actions that take place on the altar every time we assist at the Mass.  The Traditional Latin Mass is the "purest masterpiece of Western Civilization" and even though there are other rites and forms that the Church has for her children to worship in, the beauties of the Traditional Mass are unique and grand.  When we assist at this form of the Mass, do not we recall how our forefathers in faith participated in this Divine Mystery.  How their hearts must have torn in half while hearing "Crux Fidelis" during the Good Friday Liturgy, how they were lifted up while hearing "Veni Creator Spirtus" on Pentecost or how tears must have fallen from their moist eyes while seeing the Host elevated in the midst of silence surrounding the Altar.

Yes, it is this Mass that brings us so much joy and is the "purest masterpiece of Western Civilization."  It is this Mass that gave saints so much comfort in tribulation, the martyrs hope in their darkest hours, the Virgins refuge in the midst of temptations, father and mothers consolations in the midst of their daily labors.

So what is life all about?  Adoring and worshiping the Holy Trinity with all of our hearts and there is no better way to do this than to provide ourselves as a holocaust to the Trinity as we participate in this most beautiful form of the Mass.

7 April 2015
Day III in the Octave of Easter