Friday, January 15, 2016


Septuagesima is eight days away.  Yes, it is coming really quickly.  As this holy Season comes, we are reminded once again about our sins that we have committed against God and man.  Henceforth, knowing our iniquities, let us use this wonderful time before Lent to purify our intentions.

We must ask ourselves these questions:

1.) Do I really love God with my whole heart and mind?

2.) Do I really my neighbor as I love myself?

3.) Do I see myself as the worst of all sinners or am I too busy looking at the sins of others?

4.) How much silence (exterior and interior) exists in my spiritual life?

5.) Have I given my heart to Our Lady and have I been giving it to creatures instead?

Friends, what do we need to do to become more and more holy?

Ponder and examine yourself.

15 January 2016
St. Paul the First Hermit

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