Tuesday, January 5, 2016


One of the most beautiful things the Lord can do to you is to break your heart.  Often times, we get attached to a person or a thing which will consume us if we get fully attached to them.   Very often, in the life of a pious Catholic, he or she will suffer these heartbreaks and two outcomes can come from this.

1.)  They can unite their sufferings to Christ.
2.)  They can get angry and refuse to resign themselves to the Will of God.

How sublime is when a man, who gets his heart broken over and over again (I am not just thinking romantically here), is able unite his sinful heart to Calvary.

Think about it, my dear friends.  In Heaven, we will have everything we want.  Joys and consolations for all eternity!  However, right now, we have to suffer.  We might have to suffer greatly and we might even fall into worldly traps which tell us how to escape our Cross.  Do not listen to the Deceiver for one can not enter into Heaven without carrying the Cross.

Let us keep the good fight.  Let us win our Crown.

5 January 2016
Vigil of the Epiphany

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