Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Poor Roman Liturgy

I woke up this morning to learn that our Holy Father has changed the rules regarding the foot washing ceremony on Holy Thursday to include women.  Personally, I would prefer if the foot washing were left outside of the Mass and done at another time.  Nevertheless, for us Romans, it is disappointing to see our beloved Tradition being once again neglected in turn for innovations.

Fr. Simon Henry puts it better than I can,

"What a shame it seems to innovate - possibly just to "catch up" with the fact that many parishes have long ignored the prescription of the Missal anyway.  It seems so many erosions of the Faith happen this way  The rule or instruction is ignored, then comes the legislation to catch up with it because it has already become the accepted practice - the normal, if not the the norm according to the rules. It has been put by many that this is how we ended up with communion in the hand. Surely, legislating to accommodate those who flout the rules is not a good way for any organisation or society to manage itself. 
Perhaps it is is another submission to the secular world and the Church being so afraid to be "out of step with it". A sign in itself of a lack of confidence in the whole message of the Faith."

I expect things like to occur in greater frequency into the future.  After Pius XII started the dangerous work of altering the Liturgy, things have been going in a negative direction for the Roman Rite.  Let us stick with the Traditional Liturgy (even if it is 1962 and not Pre-Pius XII) so that we might spend our lives with liturgical sanity.

P.S:  One can also look towards the East for beauty.  There are many beautiful liturgies celebrated by the Byzantines, Russians, Syro-Malankaras, etc...

21 January 2016
Feast of St. Agnes

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