Sunday, January 17, 2016

The World is Exhausting

Have you ever felt that way?  Look at the world today.  Actually, look at the United States as of this moment.  Our populace is either watching television, getting angry over sports (in particular football) matches, watching the news, wasting their time on these presidential "debates", spending hours on Facebook or other internet sites and many other exhausting endeavors.

Is it not exhausting?  Does not our souls look at the stupidity of the world and seek a refuge from it all?  Even if we are not called to be actual hermits, can we not live a life of detachment no matter what our state of life?

I am blessed to be part of a FSSP community and I also attend weekday Masses at a conservative parish that offers the New Rite.  At these parishes, I am able to see married couples, single Catholics, widows, and others who live a life of detachment.  One can say that they are hermits in the world.

I have a great desire to detach myself but at the moment my heart is too attached to the world.

Please do pray for me.

17 January 2016
Second Sunday After The Epiphany

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