Monday, June 1, 2015

Gems from the Office

Exspécta Dóminum, viríliter age:  et confortétur cor tuum, et sústine Dóminum.
Expect the Lord, do manfully, and let thy heart take courage, and wait thou for the Lord.
Viríliter ágite, et confortétur cor vestrum, omnes, qui sperátis in Dómino. 
Do ye manfully, and let your heart be strengthened,  all ye that hope in the Lord.
The first verse is from Psalm 26 and the second verse is from Psalm 30.  These Gems were in the Divine Office today (Terce and Sext respectfully) and I found that it was interesting that two verses that were incredibly similar were found on two different hours.   The reason why I posted these two verses was because when I had prayed them earlier this morning, I was reminded on how important our patience and our hope in the Lord is.

In life, we often tell Our Lord that we want A, B, or C without any regard of what A, B, or C might do for us if we actually get it.  I can not count the number of times I have not received what I have asked for and then looking back and saying "Now I know why I did not get it!"  When we are caught up in the moment, we can ask for detrimental things that will lead us away from Christ and bring us closer to Satan.  What these two verses remind me of is the fact that eventually, if we have led holy lives and repented of our sins, the Lord will answer our cries with a definite YES.  This YES will occur when we have left this Vale and will enter heaven. I think Our Lady told St. Bernadette that She could not promise her happiness in this life but only in the next. These verses get that point across.  We should pray to Our Lord for temporal needs, however let us pray first for the grace of final perseverance and henceforth saving our souls in that process.

As we go through the discomforts of daily life, let us remember to strengthen our hearts and hope in the Lord.

1 June 2015
Feast of St. Angela Merici

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