Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Diabolical Plan

I was watching one of St. Josemaria Escriva's old videos where he was talking about how The Devil in the 60s and 70s introduced new fashions to women in order to destroy their modesty.  Being born in the early 90s, I have no clue about what happened during this time frame but knowing about the sexual revolution it is quite clear that it was not a wonderful time for modesty and purity.  The Devil introduced these fashions in dress and trends in sex which told women that if they followed these trends, they would feel the joy of being liberated. 

The Devil's plan goes like this:
  • Corrupt the girls when they are young.  Tell them to wear immodest clothing and to act and to talk impurely.  
  • If they are corrupted in this way then it will only be a matter of time when they engage in sexual relations with men (or with women).
  • If they are doing this then they fall into other addictions and will slowly fall into the grasps of the Evil One.
  • Make them despair.  Keep lying to them by telling they need more of these vices to be happy.
  • Rinse and repeat.  
  • Final Result:  The soul dies in a state of utter collapse.  The soul enters hell. 
Satan's plan also results in another dreadful situation.  These girls who are corrupted will become mothers one day and their daughters will be led to these sinful habits that their parents are engaging in.  Thus, leading the cycle to continue and ending with more souls in hell.

It is now 2015.  These issues which were brought up in the 1960s and 70s have not changed but have become gradually worse.  Society now glorifies impurity, pornography, per-maritial sex, homosexuality, transgenderism and many other abominations.  Let us pray for those in the world, yes, but let us always pray for ourselves first.  Even if we are fortunate to be in a state of grace, we know that it very possible to fall into these sins that the world promotes.  Without the grace of God, we would be a mess.  Let us have zero trust of self and place all of our hope and trust in The Holy Trinity.

3 June 2015

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