Sunday, June 21, 2015

Benedicite, maria et flumina

There is a woman that I am very much in love with.  She is quite grand and I do not know why the Good Lord put her in my tracks.  Once I was telling her that she was like the ocean.  You see, the ocean is so majestic when you look at it from the shore.   The horizons seem to stretch out to eternity and the waves seem to take your breath away.  Nevertheless, the true beauty is seen only when you go under the waters and see the hidden world that awaits the dazzled invader!  You would see great creatures and one could literally get lost as he goes down into this underwater civilization.  (I need not tell you how this relates to her, I am sure you get what I am getting at).

I came to this same realization about Holy Mother Church today after the High Mass. The Church has so many victories and is so beautiful on the outside.  This can be seen by the Sacred Architecture, Sacred Music, Sacred Liturgy and many other gems that the Church has.  However, only a few people ever go under to delve into the hidden pearls of salvation.  Let us not waste our lives simply being content with the surface.  We must be willing to go deeper and deeper down the depths of the Church in order that the Gospel is lived within us.  That it becomes our very inner fabric.

This is the art of salvation.

21 June 2015
IV Sunday After Pentecost

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