Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Unseen Warfare

Even though there are many immoral videos on Youtube, there are also many of them that are quite enlightening.  60 Minutes did a wonderful piece on the monks at Mt. Athos a while back which brought viewers into a world of Byzantium that has been hidden for the most part.  Even though many things stood out to me, one thing that I will not forget is what a monk/priest said about what happens on the mountain (see second video, 3:40 mark)

"This place looks like a summer resort, like a holiday resort, like a retreat, but it's not, it's an arena.  The unseen warfare.  That's right.  We fight against the angels of the dark side, you see.  Of the demon, of the Devil, Satan."
When I heard this, I only thought of one thing.  Yes, Yes, Yes.  This monk understands something that most men who live life will never even touch the surface of.  You see, we do not have to be monks to engage in this warfare.  For any man who wants to be saved must fight and battle against the Devil.  We might not be monks, but our houses must be arenas of this "unseen warfare."  We will save our souls based on the work we do in our homes.  It is at home where we can build a spiritual base and start the process of detachment and humility.  It is here, unseen to the eyes of our family, where we will fight the Devil in a battle that will lead to either our salvation or damnation.

How many things in our lives can we detach from?  How many false attachments can we throw aside?  Oh friends, let us not pass our time here in this valley of tears by wasting it on worldly endeavors.  God gives us time so that we may save our souls by doing prayer and penance.  May our homes be arenas of unseen warfare.

Pray for me, a sinner.

25 June 2015
Feast of St. William

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