Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thou art Peter

"Tu es Petrus, * et super hanc petram aedificabo Ecclesiam meam."
"Thou art Peter * and upon this Rock I will build My Church."
This wonderful line is the antiphon before the fifth Psalm of First Vespers for the Feast of St. Peter and Paul. What a sublime thing to read, isn't it?  No matter how unsettling our lives might seem at this moment, how beautiful is to remind ourselves that we are Catholics and that our refuge in times of trouble is Christ.  I do not know about you, my good reader, but this makes me very peaceful.  As long as we stick with the See of St. Peter, God will reward our loyalty and will give us all the graces needed so that we save our souls. Now, it is true, not every Catholic will be saved.  This terrifies us greatly and brings us with dread as we ponder our upcoming judgment.  Nevertheless, the graces will be there and so we will have no excuse once our lives are judged by Our Blessed Lord.

How much time do we have until this judgment?  I do not know my good reader but we must keep working in Our Lord's Vineyard.  Let us consider ourselves (and this is the secret in the art of salvation) to be the worst of all sinners and acknowledging that by our actions, we deserve hell.  Is this hard to believe? Yes. However, as we grow in holiness, our sinful nature will become apparent to us and we will not be thinking about the sins of others.

May the Holy Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul help us so that we may be with Them in eternity.

Pray for me, a sinner.

28 June 2015
V Sunday After Pentecost

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