Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lux et Origo

A post by Zephyrinus reminded me of the glories of the sublime Lux et Origo setting.  Paschaltide is coming to a close soon and that means that this lovely setting will be going as well.  How sad but thanks to Youtube we can hear it as often as possible!




Agnus Dei

The Church gives us many beautiful settings for Chant but Lux et Origo is my favorite.  Just lovely!

14 May 2015
Feast of the Ascension (Double of the First Class)

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  1. How lovely, indeed, is Lux et Origo (Mass I. Tempore Paschali).

    That's the utter beauty and timelessness of the Church's unaltered Liturgy. What has been celebrated for thousands of years, continues to be celebrated.

    And next year, Lux et Origo will return.

    in Domino