Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beautiful article on Floyd Mayweather

As I continue to write my apologia on Floyd, I ran into a perfect article on a boxing website I go to frequently. 

Here is the article.

"It is not about who can beat Mayweather, but where he belongs amongst the greats. In my mind and belief, he is the best of them all. I know the arguments, they will say he never went to war, he never did this and that. He was afraid of this and that. Nonsense, the plain truth is why take punishment when you shouldn’t? Why get hit when they are unable to hit you? Why stand there with goons to exchange punches like possessed little brained animals when you can be smart? It’s an art, its either you brawl and hustle and get hurt or you are smart and intelligent and gifted and Floyd is the latter."
-Babatis Banda

Yes. Yes. Perfect.

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