Thursday, May 28, 2015

There has to be more to life...

As I go about my daily duties, I often overhear conversations of people who might be speaking a bit too loud.  Very often, I will hear males speaking about unchaste things regarding their girlfriends or the latest party that is going to happen at John Doe's house.  Sometimes you hear two women gossiping about someone's marriage and speculating about things they should not even be thinking about.  Very rarely do I ever hear something insightful.   It seems like modern man is concerned simply with sex, alcohol, parties, gossiping, and acting like beasts in every way.

A Catholic should not despise those who perpetuate this beastly image of life for he knows in his heart that without the grace of God, he would act like a beast as well.  You see, modern man, with the spirit of liberation has actually become incredibly ensnared.  Man thinks that without the Church he is free to engage in his selfish desires but these desires do not truly content him and henceforth he is left in a state of slavery.  Slavery to Satan and slavery to himself.

The most common form we see now is in the vice of pornography.  Pornography is a very dangerous vice for it is so addicting and exhilarating for the soul that is in bondage.  In his mind, pornography is an outlet to satisfy his sexual needs however after the few minutes of pleasure, he is left is a worse condition than he was in before.  In order to feed this appetite, he needs to view more impure videos and pictures until he no longer finds them desirable yet, for some reason, he is still compelled to view them.  It is strange really.  The man addicted to this vice knows in his heart that this is destroying him yet he continues to engage in his dark practice.  Free?  No.  He is enslaved.

This whole trap has been prevalent in the whole sexual arena.  Honestly, this is one of the reasons why I am so tentative about finding a holy Catholic wife for they are so hard to find!  Most couples have freely accepted contraception, abortion, sex before marriage and other sins just to feed their pursuit of pleasure.  Life is more than pleasure!  There is virtue and the pursuit of the Good is the greatest of races.  The world cannot give you the Peace of Christ and the peace of a good conscience.

Go to Confession.  Stay in the state of grace.  Be holy!

28 May 2015
Octave of Pentecost (Day V)

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