Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Our Patrimony

As a Roman Catholic who loves the Traditional Mass, I find it stupid and annoying when some well meaning but ignorant lad suggests that the West should take Option A, B, or C from the East and incorporate it into the West.

These are some examples:

"Roman priests should be allowed to be married because that is what happens in the east and look it works out nicely there!"

"In the East, there is no Silent Canon and it is beautiful.  Henceforth there is no need of one in the Roman Rite."

"In the East, we utilize the vernacular so really there is nothing special about the Latin."

Honestly, please stop.  Look, I love the East and they form a very special part of the Church.  Nevertheless, I do not want our venerable Roman Rite to be influenced in that way.  The tradition of celibacy in the West is a very special one and if we are foolish enough to think that our Priests would be better if they were married, we are deceiving  ourselves.  I feel comforted to know that if I am dying, our beloved FSSP chaplain will be able to give me Last Rites instead of being busy with family matters.

Also, I love the Traditional Mass with all of my heart.  No, I do not want it to be in the vernacular nor do I want the Canon to be spoken aloud.  If you want any of those things, you will hear all of that and more while assisting at the Mass of Paul VI.

Enough of this madness.

13 May 2015
Feast of St. Robert Bellarmine

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