Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jesus and Mary

Often times, I can get stuck in many liturgical and cultural matters regarding Our Holy Faith that I forget the simplicity that Our Lords wants of me.  We are to be simple as doves yet wise as serpents yet I think that Our Lord emphasizes the simpleness more than being wise.  We must be wise, yes, but it was must be an effect rather than a cause of our simplicity.

On this matter of being simple, I was meditating on the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.  We often use the Holy Names without much reverence and act as if They were like other names.  Generally, traditionally minded Catholics bow their heads (and take off their caps if they are men) when they hear or say the Holy Names.  I think this is a wonderful thing to do provided that it is not done to show off to others our own piety. When we think or say the Holy Names, our hearts should have an overwhelming joy.  Just saying the Holy Names should bring us the peace and consolation needed to get through the day and through our lives.

Do not the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary warm the heart?  If these Two Names bring so much dread to the demons, how much joy should They bring to us?  Let us resolve to treat the Holy Names with reverence, holy fear, and with love.

7 May 2015
Feast of St. Stanislai Episcopi et Martyris (Duplex)

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