Friday, May 29, 2015

The Veiling Issue

As a man, I find this whole veiling culture among traditonalists to be an interesting one.  As an Indian (Punjabi to be exact), I never really thought it would be such a controversial idea among many.  In my culture, women will wear the traditional Indian dress whenever they attend religious functions or when they go out to special events.

Even though sadly my beloved Punjab has been modernized over the last couple of years, a women covering her head outside or at a religious event is just the norm and not doing it would actually bring the ire of many people.  Plus, a beautiful woman looks even more beautiful when she is modestly dressed!

Nevertheless, as I have observed trends in the Catholic Church here in America, wearing a something simple as a veil can make many people unsettled.  Why is this?

The 1983 Code of Canon Law does not make this a requirement so a woman is free not to wear a head covering if she decides not to.  If she does not want to wear one then others should not judge her for it.  However, if you a woman who is debating whether to veil or not, I think (assuming it is for the right reasons) that one should try it out and see what it does for their spiritual life. 

Or better yet, go with traditional Indian dresses!

29 May 2015
Octave of Pentecost (Day VI)

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