Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silent appreciation

One of the most beautiful things about life is when someone can argue his case without any words.  For example, great boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson and Floyd Mayweather show their craft in the boxing ring and no words are needed to explain their greatness.  Another case is when someone does use words but is able to explain their perspective using a low and controlled tone.  I have noticed of late that many people like to start shouting or speaking louder when they are trying to prove a point.  They might be trying to intimidate the other by speaking this way. However, it is quite ridiculous if you think about it.  If one really stops and analyzes such a person, he will notice a person who does not have true mastery of self.  Henceforth, because of this lack of mastery, he feels the need to shout over the other instead of being gentle to prove his case.

The funny thing is that a person like St. Francis de Sales did/does more for the Faith than the charismatics that feel the need to bombard your ears with guitar music and overwhelm you with sappy sentimentalism, yuck.  Silence should always be preferable to noise however when we do have to talk, let it be reverent, controlled, and with a low tone.  

12 May 2015
Feast of SS Nereus, Achilleus and Pancras

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